Divya is originally from India, starting her career as a copywriter with Hallmark Cards she went on to work with Archie’s and USA Greetings.com. She moved to Singapore after marriage and stayed for 12 glorious years.

Since the market for Greeting cards wasn’t present in Singapore, she pursued a Master in Communication, from NTU to switch careers.  Along that way she became a mum to a feisty little boy and at his insistence gained the pup Giggles. She missed creating short, clever, witty lines which inspired her to start the comic strip GigglesSniggles in 2016.

The pet Labrador Giggles arrived from Australia in 2014 and barely a year into life in Singapore had to relocate to Australia due to the fickle-minded family. Giggles made the return journey without a fuss, because she’s that kind of a dog. Using Giggles as the muse, the comic strip explores the life of a well-heeled pet.

GigglesSniggles is the brainchild of Divya with illustrations credits to Namrata Pokale @huephoria.