Sketchy Characters


Meet the Family


The Father is calm, collected and composed. Not known to lose his cool under the most pressing situations, he’s the pinnacle of self-control. Except when it comes to discipline. His unrealistic standard for good behavior is something the dog and kid have learned to navigate and manipulate.


It’s easy to juxtapose her serious side with her quirky moments. She is a proud mother, and revels in perfectionism only to realize it’s not such a cool thing anymore, she is getting methodical at becoming sloppy. She lives in a constant state of busyness.


The kid is small, wiry and surefooted. He is full-of-beans-can’t-sit-still-boy with a surge of pure adrenalin coursing through his system. He can be selectively whingey. He’s sensitive and kind which is the antithesis to the whining. He’s an energy sapper.